Travis Limoge
4 min readMay 2, 2021

This topic is something of a mystery to me, not because I wonder why it is necessary but because I am perplexed at the fact it is a debatable subject or that equality is something that should not be applied freely to all beings.

It is clear to me that at some point in history a spark was created which ignited a fire of evolution, married with a misguided vision of what the future should be, and that this happened in very specific locations giving power to a few who sought to walk away from the humble existence of the past towards a more solemn future full of wealth and opulence. In this moment a moat was built around class and outliers were turned servants or rebels to be dealt with swiftly.

As this phenomenon propagated itself through the heavy hand of a dominating class, feared for its connection to an invisible power in the sky, a divide was created based on numerous factors most prominently your place on Earth and your vulnerability to oppression.

Technologies and disease seem to have played a heavy role in expanding the divide. Swords and arrows turned toys with the introduction of guns and cannons while a stew of microbes transformed themselves in to life threatening illness as the speed of transit became more rapid with with each passing day, providing fresh hosts to pillage. Oppression became effortless to those with the ability to navigate with ease, employing theses new weapons by force or by proximity, taking what they wanted while converting the ill or underprivileged to slaves.

Here I am discussing dark ages where all things were new and fear of the unknown created odd behaviors, education was minimal even at the highest levels, and animalistic tendencies were still viewed as completely normal in the human race. But how have we evolved from this epoch?

There is no difference between the problems that face us as a society today and those which faced civilizations past. We seem to have held on to some subconscious belief that life is a privilege not a gift and that certain individuals deserve more than others based on the same geographic guidelines laid out by our barbaric ancestors. Society continues to ignore what is happening around it so long as it does not affect our daily life, refusing to raise a hand against what they know to be wrong for fear that they may be exiled and knocked down the ladder for others to walk over.

The masses stand idly by watching the parade of foot soldiers march in line to the beat of a neoliberal drum playing songs of a democracy that never existed, hoping that one day they can gain a place in the procession by playing the part of supporter at all costs. Their neighbor may cry for help as he is tortured by the historic disparity that continues to plague him but they draw the blinds and turn off the lights so as not to involve themselves in the goings on of others, protecting themselves from culpability or persecution.

In the name of freedom the behavior is allowed to persist, for each person is entitled to their own beliefs even if they are ignorant, unfounded, and dangerous to the collective being. This justification is just another show of ignorance is bliss, taking ones self out of the equation of responsibility by hiding from the truth so as to not acquire consciousness which would surely spark a need to put forth effort to solve the problem, how tiring.

The crux of the situation becomes the absurdity of trying to punish thought. It is true that many of the minions of hate are marginalized with little education or integration, still living in the same fear as our dark aged ancestors of the unknown. Races have been forcefully pushed together by centuries of slavery with no easy access to information about the melting pot of culture that may exist in any given quadrant of the globe making it even more difficult to emulsify the minds of these humans in to a collective community that celebrates each persons unique attributes.

Our only hope is that those with the intelligence to see through the mist of unfounded hatred speak loudly about the problems, calling out those who abuse power, giving a soap box for their oppressed brothers and sisters to speak of their culture revealing the beauty of each individual sect of human life as well as the similarities that run course through our cells as different iterations of the same species.

This fight may never end but we cannot become tired of trying, for there is no greater battle to be won than the leveling of consciousness provided when all walks of life can join hands in communion paying homage to one another through equanimity.