Travis Limoge
5 min readMar 17, 2021

Civilization is sliding towards collapse. As we drift further and further apart, evolving in to a species of individualist battling for the number one spot, it seems as though we are losing grip on reality (nature) and becoming progressively more comfortable relying on the mechanized future we have created, foregoing our primordial knowledge that where we thrive is in communion with all species not in singular existence inside a glass box.

I can not recall when this notion first started to pain my consciousness but I find with each passing day I struggle more with what I see happening all around me. When I wake in the morning I feel a sense of urgency to find a solution to the problem before slipping in to frustration at the fact that those of us who seek to create change are rowing up stream with one oar. The sheer magnitude of the situation has seemed to cripple even the most enthusiastic truth seekers in to an existence of silent passivity letting the demons slide by them without a peep just so as to not wake the monster in fear of being drained by the energy it would take to shift its course.

This lack of confrontation has allowed a capitalism of souls to run rampant. Unverified experts stand on soap boxes singing their own praise to uneducated masses searching for a spirit to believe in and a club to belong to. As the feeble minded sheep huddle in the warmth of the egoic rays cast upon them by their new found leader they are shaped in to false prophets who will carry with them the unedited and uneducated message bestowed upon them perpetuating a cycle of benefit for a figure head who seeks self fulfillment and is unequipped as well as unwilling to provide prosperity for his followers.

There comes a day when these “masters” feel they need a protégé, because what better way to feed the ego than to clone ones self so that their reign of influence can continue for generations to come. Having chosen their prey they sublimate their vision in to the new candidates soul with promise of social acceptance and a cut of the flock which has been accrued through their persuasive peacocking. This naked soul begins to clothe itself with the golden robes of falsified intelligence that has been supported by its followers who would rather not shake the foundation, even in moments of doubt, for fear of being shunned from their “community”.

As this new life form grows it may feel the urge to revert back to nature, it may question what it has been taught as it spreads its roots meandering in new directions, but as the sheep graze in the golden rays of their “master” they will bite back ensuring that his seedling stay inside the boundaries of his land and that his gospel remain unedited so his messages does not loose its focus, profit for one.

So here we find ourselves, in the perpetuation of the few leading the many. Society at large tuning in to their metal box of knowledge infinitely waiting for the next batch of nonsense to entertain them, paying close attention so that they may learn the ways of a master and grind their way to hierarchy through algorithmic success. Pay days for nonsensical behavior and intangible value seem to be on the rise while labor and craftsmanship are drifting away in to the aether of the past. The destruction laid down by the machines required to fulfill the needs of ego based existence consistently show signs that we may not be able to return to reality (nature) and that their may be no reality at all in the very near future.

As the world crumbles at our fingertips we stay focused on air headed debates between these withering old “masters” promising to change our lives if we fill in a box on a predetermined ballot. We forcefully take sides against family and friend as their beliefs of how our “society” should be run differ from our own all based on a system laid out by “masters” centuries ago who couldn't possibly have foreseen the state of the world in our current epoch. Still we continue to look for answers in the machine instead of breaking down the walls, looking outside, and seeing that everything we need is right within arms reach.

We have existed for but a glimpse of time on this wild spinning rock and have managed to cause more damage, chaos, and destruction than any force of nature in our brief history here. Respect for the real master, the architect of our existence, has been thrown to the side in disbelief that the natural world and all it laid out for our species to thrive could possibly be more intelligent than a civilization with a few thousand years of evolution under its belt.

The truth, our homeostasis lies in the carefully designed symbiosis created by mother earth. She shows us in vibrant color, if we choose to pay attention, that we thrive in community, that hard work and a desire to learn not master will carry us much further than any technological revolution. We see that all species play a role in the beautifully intricate ebb and flow that is the natural world and that if one piece is out of place the whole system begins to fall apart.

The time has come to focus on reality, instead of searching for a quick solution to the problem we must take up arms in our communities to battle the slow rot set on by the unnecessary hum of these ego machines driving us down the dead end street of “success”. Fighting together, walking away from the comfort of modernity, shunning archaic rules, denying unnecessary accreditation, curbing desire for luxury, relying on our community to provide what we need, ridding our minds of perceived value, these are a few of the cornerstones in which we can build upon to return ourselves to homeostasis while leaning in to nature as our guide, trusting that the grand master, mother earth, can show us the way.